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Mounted Bighorn Sheep
Mounted rainbow trout
Mounted pintail duck

9:30am - 5pm

Call for

pick up and drop off


Ty's Taxidermy was established in 2000 and is based in Loveland, Colorado. Combining his passion for hunting and taxidermy has made Ty's Taxidermy the premier taxidermy studio in Colorado. With his knowledge of natural wildlife behavior each mount is a work of art. Every mount is carefully designed and sculpted to reflect anatomically correct detail and genuine wildlife behavior. 

Relive the moments in the outdoors everyday with your masterpiece from Ty's Taxidermy. We can bring that hunting or fishing experience back to life for you. Whether it was the crisp mountain air with the bugling bulls or whistling wings on a foggy morning. We are sure to recreate that magical moment. 

Feel free to give us a call and discuss the many options we offer. We can do everything from a simple European mount to life size animals in a habitat scene. We are ready to discuss your trophy options at any time.

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